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Care Philosophy
Dr. Davis is a non-surgical physician specializing in the treatment of patients with sports or spine disorders. He evaluates and treats individuals who have suffered soft tissue, bone or nerve injuries. Dr. Davis uses the body's abiltiy to heal itself wherever possible, using physical therapy, chiropractic/ osteopathic treatments or medications to improve one's function. He may recommend a surgical consultation for some patients. He is Board-certified in PM&R and Sports Medicine.

UC Davis Sports Medicine 
2825 J Street, Suite 300
Sacramento, California  95816
916-734-6806 (FAX)

UC Davis Spine Center
3301 C Street, Suite 1500
Sacramento, California  95816

UC Davis Medical Center 
Dept of PM&R, Ellison ACC Bldg
4860 Y St., Ste 1700
Sacramento, California  95817-2214
916-734-6695 (FAX)


Sports Medicine
Nonsurgical Spine Care
Adaptive Sports Medicine
Occupational Medicine
Electrodiagnostic Studies


All University of California, Davis Medical Center capitated insurances are accepted. Almost all private, non-capitated insurance is also accepted. Worker's compensation cases are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Patient Education Resources
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New Patient Information
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